No Man’s Sky highlights

In the game No Man’s Sky, plenty of travel is required when hunting for new planets. At the game’s basic level speeds, between 20 to 90 seconds are spent by the player, in order to try arriving at the galaxies nearest destination. As much as it is possible to teleport between limited crucial locations or skips between galaxies, a player is required to hold on tight as they hop between planets. Nevertheless, the trip is constantly beautiful, and it builds expectation in ways that merely being beamed down onto the surface does not permit. What makes this game of exploration game experience different from others is the real-time travel which is a part of its rhythm as well. The game creates an experience around the boring yet fulfilling aspects of travelling.

Rarely does “Ordinary” travel in games reflect the manner in which it is handled in reality. A majority of games do not take the advantage of mirroring in actuality the experiences we gain when using cars, buses or planes. They commonly use features that result in faster travel or teleportation as opposed to normal traveling experienced in reality even in short distances. Therefore, as opposed to games that focus on destination as opposed to travel, No Man’s Sky is the quite the opposite, focusing on the travel so much ignored by other games. This makes this game unique as it brings as back to the reality that we cannot eliminate; the reality of travel and the bliss that comes with it.

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