Individuals to celebrate.

There are many famous individuals around the world who have contributed one way or the other towards the betterment of the society. These individuals are celebrated annually for their different fetes. There are, however, less known individuals who have equally conquered difficult fetes and deserve to be celebrated as well. The following list includes a few of these individuals:

  1. Grace Hopper –A high ranking female in the US military and Inventor of the compiler.

  2. Patrick Vincent Coleman – a train dispatcher in Nova Scotia. Sacrificed his life to warn trains about an ammunition ship that had caught fire and eventually exploded.

  3. Maurice Hilleman-was an American microbiologist who developed vaccines for Haemophilus influenzae bacteria, measles, , hepatitis A, pneumonia, hepatitis B, meningitis, chickenpox, and mumps

  4. Harvey Hubbell – Inventor of the electrical socket.

  5. Dennis Ritchie – Developer of the C programming language, on which our computers currently run on.

  6. Lise Meitner – Discoveror of nuclear fission, but was short changed by her colleague Mr Hahn who received all the credit while denying her role in it. Ultimately, however, the truth was revealed and she even got an element, meitnerium, named after her.

  7. John Snow – An English physician and championed the adoption of medical hygiene and anesthesia. Snow is additionally referred to as the father of epidemiology and a strong advocate for improved waste management following a cholera outbreak in London following. Snow’s philosophies became widespread worldwide, massively improving public health, and perhaps leading to millions of lives being saved.

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