How Are Millennials Using Travel Technology?

Millennials all over the world are constantly traveling for both business and pleasure. The travel trends of this group varies greatly from that of other demographics from the manner in which they select their travel destinations, to their preferred payment methods and what they value most during the travels. Millennials, born between 1980 and 1999, have had technology and its advancements as part of them while growing up, and it therefore, only makes sense that they would use technology in their travels. These individuals use technology for the planning of their travels, during the travel and afterwards.

For Millennials, social media and smart gadgets play a huge role in their travels. For example, smartphones, tablets and laptops are used by this group to engage with others on social media about their various travel experiences. From these interactions, millennials are able to identify places they would like to travel to, what they would like to do while there and research on costs as well. Social sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and mostly preferred as most millenials get to share their travel experiences through videos and pictures.

Millenials additionally prefer making their travel plans digitally and being able to access this information at all times using their hand held devices. They make searches on different destinations before finally settling on a particular one based on information available using technology. Millennials will make reservations online and store this information online or on their digital devices. These individuals also depend mostly on their devices for getting around during their travels, for directions, restaurant suggestions, updating their friends on their experiences amongst many other uses. Millennials additionally prefer interacting with their travel destinations via texts and tweets as opposed to calling or sending emails.

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